Transportation Solutions

Transportation Solutions


Geographic Information System refers to the principles and applications of applying geographic information technologies to transportation problems. The GIS and GPS based intelligent transport system provides the possibility of monitoring the vehicles at an affordable cost. So, we can use GIS and GPS technology for vehicle tracking and routing which is the essence of fleet management.

The GIS system can facilitate computation of exact distance travelled in a given time span, computation of the speed of the vehicle at a given location, analysis of the time taken by the vehicle to cover a certain distance and so on.

GIS technology helps in finding shortest route paths and distances from the origin location to target location. It can also help in finding the closest significant locations.


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Syed Talal Khalid
Founder & Director at Filsmtock & Crew/Grabit
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Aijaz Ali Samoo
CEO Pacific International Shipping & Logistics/Sea Legend Shipping



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